Thursday, February 28, 2008

Williams cool blog information

Me and Levi went to church and we had the same shirts on. You can see my red cheek from when I fell on the treadmill. I hurt my shoulder too.

Here are some cool pictures of my cars. I took these pictures. My favorite car is the King (that's the blue one) He is so cool.

Cassie had a birthday yesterday. Right now she is blowing bubbles. Now she thinks her new big bubble thing I got her for her birthday is a lightsaber...but it is not. I love Cassie.

I was on the treadmill. It's pretty fun, we did not have a treadmill for a long time. Our Granny gave us our treadmill. One time I fell on the treadmill when it was going really fast. But my cheek is more better now. It looked really yucky for a while.